• Who are we

    Páteo Alfacinha was created in 1981 by Vitor Seijo, a connoisseur and passionate man about the city of Lisbon, where he built his dream, requalifying a special area of the city. Loyal to his passion for Lisbon, Vitor Seijo thought of merging in a Páteo, typical residential areas, noble zones, and traditional trade. Thus, the construction of several spaces began: chapel, barber shop, tavern, bakery, pub, antiquary, and houses for the "alfacinhas" (inhabitants of Lisbon). 30 years have passed, and Páteo Alfacinha remains a multifaceted place, where you can find a restaurant, rooms for events, and offices to carry your business.

  • Restaurant

    In Páteo Alfacinha you can enjoy the restaurant Horta. The menus, inspired in the traditional Portuguese cuisine, are specially conceived for the season, highlighting the fresh ingredients coming from the carefully selected producers. Beyond the quality of the food, you can also enjoy the fantastic and unique view towards the Tejo river. It's the ideal place to bring your family, friends, or even hold a business lunch.

    Summer Restaurant Horta (menu)
  • Events

    The Páteo contains several areas at which any kind of events can be produced. Meet the noble salon recently restored, the chop-house with a typical environment, the bakery with a wood oven ready to use, the sessions salon decorated with unique Portuguese tile panels, the brewery, the winter garden, the Páteo salon (events room) and still the congress hall (events room). We have the perfect solution for your event, with capacity from 2 to 1000 people.

  • Workshops & offices

    In Páteo Alfacinha, we have different areas to receive several activities, framed in an inspired and unique venue, perfect to create, develop and invite clients to visit and meet your business. We currently have 8 rooms for offices and workshops, with areas from 15 to 80sqm, refurbished and adapted to the schedule and activities you want to develop.

    For availability, prices or other information, please contact 915 360 009 or send us an email.











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  • Get there

    Páteo Alfacinha

    Rua do Guarda Joias, nº44, 1300-294 Lisboa



    Reservations: (+351) 213 642 171 ou 911 188 740
    Events: (+351) 911 188 755
    Offices: (+351) 919 596 671



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